I love fairy tales and twisted fairy tales. They are the best stories. My girls also love them, so I read them a fair bit. They probably know a lot off by heart, but they never get tired of hearing them. Tonight my big girl asked me what a fairy tale was. A fair enough question. My response was it’s a story that teaches you a lesson. So we had just finished reading Little Red Riding Hood. I asked her what she thought the lesson was. Her response:

“Don’t get eaten by a wolf!”

Mmmmm okay, probably fair enough, definitely something to live your life by. So I said, what about don’t tell strangers where you are going??? Her response:

“That would be good to, especially if they’re a wolf!”

So I guess my girls will be set. they won’t talk to or get eaten by a wolf!!!! So tomorrow it’s Hansel and Gretel, who knows what they will learn from that one?

Until tomorrow, have fun!