Okay so I said at the beginning of this challenge that I was undertaking a major clean up, mind, body and soul. Well it’s day five and so far I have achieved a few things. I have revamped my gym program, which has been great. I have been absolutely stuffed during sessions, but recovered quite well, so onwards with this. That pretty much covers the body – although I am also making an effort to eat healthier and eat less, so this also makes me feel energised! As for the mind, well I am getting organised. I have made some lists of what I want to achieve for the rest of the year and my priorities. I have also begun cleaning the clutter in the house. Which certainly helps clear the head. As for the soul, I’m not one for meditation, although I do believe it works. It’s just that I find it too difficult to switch off from the chaos that is my life. Which is I know the whole point. Still I’d rather soothe the soul by relaxing my way. If desperate then a hot bath will do the trick. However I often find the exercise and fresh air works the best. The dogs are great for this, nothing better than taking them for a walk! I also like to take the kids down to the pond and just feed the ducks. They love it, and can also play in the playground. I can watch, join in or just chill out. So that certainly helps with the soul.

Of course if it’s too hard to switch off then I suggest you take a leaf out of the labrador book. Just let it all go and sleep where ever you fall! They are the best dogs, so calm and chilled out most of the time. They can go all day if they need too! They certainly have the elements of life in perspective.

I am taking this challenge like a labrador – one blog at a time and in between just chilling out! Until tomorrow – have fun!