Had quite a day – first aid course. Which after doing the online component last night and then the 8 hour practical today my brain is fried. So not too much for blogging today. Thought I’d share my books with you all. The first one I had published was Ghostnapped!

 This was written on a camping trip and is the story of Alex, a future world famous explorer. She goes on a bumpy adventure to rescue her annoying younger brother who has been Ghostnapped! It is a story that links past, present and introduces the reader to a really unique monster.

Ghostnapped was a lot of fun to write and I am really proud of my first published book. The best thing for me has been that boys love to read and have this book read to them. They say it is scary, but cool scary! The girls have also loved it because Alex is really strong. So check it out at:


My second book was published late last year. Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist is all about my beautiful boy and his first adventure. He relives this by telling my daughters all about his journey to rid the world of the evil red mist. It’s a lot of fun and the kids love the banter between Obi, Maddy and Aijay. There will be sequals to Obi, there simply has to be. He is the absolute perfect character and of course there is Stitch and so many other dogs that need to be introduced! I am currently working on the second. So if you like dogs, kids and a laugh then check it out at: http://sbpra.com/ashleyhowland/

For a short time I am also donating $1 from every book sold to the placement of the next three Labs ‘n Life companion dogs. Tug, Scrooge and Tramp are currently training with their families and it will be great to help them out with some equipment for the dogs. You can check out more on the Labs ‘n Life page here.

Until tomorrow, have fun!