Wow, where did that day go??? I’ve only just sat down and the kids are still charging around. They’ve been helping me today, which of course means everything took longer. It was more enjoyable though and they will soon be in bed, so the creative juices can start to ooze out. It’s school holidays here and we’ve been busy. The kids have painted, started making Christmas gifts (that way I don’t have to keep all the craft LOL), made pop up books (still doing one), made paper bag monsters, been to gymnastics, had swimming and actually saw a movie. The weather has been perfect, so lots of play outside. The girls love doing their gymnastics on the trampoline and throwing a ball for Stitch. They even take both Stitch and Obi for short walks.

The dogs are not so keen on holidays – they enjoy a few days rest, but would rather be at work. They try their best to get people to play with them, it’s funny to watch. Obi turned ten these holidays, so there have been a few extra toys around the yard for them to play with. Still they will be happy next wednesday when they see all their doggy friends at work.

I’ve enjoyed the break, it’s great to actually do stuff with the girls. They have also been mini chefs these holidays, so it’s been go, go, go. My girls need constant action though. They have also been really excited because I started reading them my new children’s book. My big girl told me “It’s soooooo coooool that you write books, mum, you should write more!!!!” Who needs any other confirmation that it is all worth the effort! My little one just lovcs stories too. They are helping me illustrate my next book, so have also been designing the perfect goblin. Will be entertaining for sure.

I enjoyed reading some other blogs yesterday and will try to do a few more tonight. This is one part of the challenge I really enjoy if I can find the time. Tomorrow I will be officially launching “Stitch Says” My interview and review blog, so watch out! Until then, have fun!