My Little Man!!!

Stitch is my special little man. Well okay as he is now two years old and possesses one of the biggest boof head’s in the labrador community he’s probably my special boofy man. However he is too sweet for that. Stitch had to start coming to school with me at the tender age of 11 weeks. I couldn’t leave him home alone, so he used to get piled into the car with the others (on the back seat between the girls, not in the boot with the big boys). He didn’t work though, he was far to little. Although it was hard to tell him that. He would bark while I was demonstrating with Obi. As if to say “I can do that!” Eventually I gave in and started doing my demonstrations with both of them. I  don’t think Obi was all that impressed to begin with, although now he loves to watch Stitch work and is happy to sit on the sidelines – supervising. So I knew very early on that Stitch was going to have to work. Which meant chosing his students carefully. He is completely convinced that he is actually training the students. To the point that he will now bark at them if they use the wrong hand signal or verbal command! The other day we were having a mock show for students to practice. The girl who had Stitch was a bit overawed and wasn’t giving him any commands. So he stacked himself and then trotted her around the ring when it was their turn. He’s a very clever boy!

Stitch is also one of the softest Labradors I have met. He is great with my girls, but very wary of other little kids. He will put up with anything, but will also avoid things if he is unsure. He’s my boy! This week we will get to work together at the Royal Adelaide Show. I have already blogged about my dislike of shows, but I am looking forward to being just with my boy! Who knows we might even fluke a ribbon, but if not we can always share and ice cream!

My next character – Stitch!