Who is your favorite literary character?

My all time favourite book it Peter Pan and Wendy. It has everything, mermaids, fairies, crocodiles, wild animals, flying, mystery, adventure and of course those fantastic pirates. Just looking at a map of neverland can get the imagination wondering and the writing juices flow. It is the ultimate in fantasy. It also has the best message in the end “To live would be an awfully big adventure”! It is certainly a message I take to heart. In this day and age when we are all so busy it is so important to find the time to actually live. Otherwise all we seem to do is exist. It is certainly a message I try to get across to my girls. We spend time just doing fun things, finding pictures in clouds, running in the wind, jumping in puddles, making cakes – to eat the batter, and just enjoying life. I certainly don;t believe parents should live through their kids, rather live with their kids. Do stuff that they love, dress up, play games, get out jigsaw puzzles, basically just be a kid with them.

Recently my eldest daughter had her very first book week parade. She had to dress up as her favourite character and the theme was “Champions Read”! Well she decided to go as Captain Hook! So my love of Peter Pan has indeed been passed on! She looked so cute in her pirate costume, complete with golden hook and she had an absolute ball. She was very proud of the fact that she was the only pirate in the school. No princesses for my girl, that has all been left to my little Miss, who frequently runs around the house in a Cinderella dress. Although she is often carrying a sword, so maybe a tough new aged Cinderella?

My girls have also been known to catch the dogs during these dress up game. Well they catch Stitch – who puts up with it, Obi is too smart for that. He will go down to the girl’s rooms for story time, but leaves when the costumes come out. Stitch is just happy to please!

So go on, enjoy things like you did because “To live is an awfully big adventure”!!!!