I’m a  yellow labrador (is there any other kind??). I will be ten years old (human years) in September. Here is my amazing character profile:

Favourite food: Fritz, Turkey necks, Brisket bones, ice cream and anything else my human friends decide to throw my way.

Skills: Being the most obedient dog out there! Well okay, how about knowing how to be the most obedient dog, but only doing it when I feel like it!

Work: Labs ‘n Life – super hero supervisor!

Best friends: Rigger, he’s my buddy from way back. Trinity, she’s my gal. Stormy, and me go way back too. All the other Labs ‘n Life dogs and oh yeah Stitch – I live with him too!

 Likes: Going to school, walking around with the kids, being a clown and of course being adored!

Hates: Staying home, Stitch goiung out without me – unless he’s off to the vet, in that case – have fun Stitch!

Habits: Searching the yard, checking out the local area, maintaining a constant watch on the safety of my family!

Favourite places: My bed, especially after training all those puppies. The beach. Anywhere with a good view.

On training Stitch: Mmmmmmm well, he’s getting there. Okay I should be fair, he’s now trustworthy enough to let out occasionally without supervision, but he’s too soft, needs to man up a bit before I retire.

On Labs ‘n Life: Finally my very own super dog training camp is up and running, in full force all over South Australia. We’re even starting to train super hero labradors in Victoria. Next stop the world!

Past times: Sleeping, watching the puppies play and train, listening to stories, laughing at Stitch when he gets caught in the dress up games – he makes a good fairy, hahahahahahahahaha. I’m too smart for     that.

Best thing about working: I get to make kids smile everyday – and a few adults too! It is nice to be able to make people smile.

Future Ambitions: To have the complete Obi chronicles recorded – so get writing mum!!!! Also to eventually trust Stitch enough that I can just sit back and enjoy all my hard work!

Advice to other super dogs: Become a labrador – yellow, although we do accept really special black and chocolate labs, they just have to be prepared to train a bit harder – hahahahah. No it’s true!

If I could be anyone else: I wouldn’t!

Anything else: Check out my first book: Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist! By Ashley Howland

If you have already been smart enough to purchase and read a copy please take the time to place a review here: http://www.amazon.com/Obi-Super-Puppy-Mystery-Mist/dp/1612042783  That way other’s can read what you think about my first adventure.

Thanks for your time, no I’d better get off Mum’s blog, before she realises I’ve posted!!!!!

Remember WOL  – Woof Out Loud!!!!!!