We all love the Olympics. Lately our dogs have been competitng in the Labs ‘n Life companion dog olympics. Yes that’s right I have spent my spare time coming up with challenges like:

Tanna’s Tail Wag – most wags in 30secs

Stitch Says  – Simon says

Obi’s Obstacle course – Over, under, around and through

Blair’s Balloon Volleyball – says it all really, don’t pop the ball (in honour of those amazing Volleyroos!!!!)

Tramp’s Temptation Tower – leave the most amount of food!

An so on, the list is really quite amazing, if I do say so myself. Yes I know I am bordering on insanity, but my students know it’s best to humour me! Anyway today we had a real celebration. Sally Pearson won gold for Australia in the 100m hurdles – so cool!!!! So we taught the dogs to jump hurdles, check out the action here:


Okay so they’re not as quick as Super Sally, but it’s our salute to an Aussie Hero!!!!

Will try and video Blair’s balloon volleyball for all you Volleyroos fans. For those who don’t know Labs ‘n Life was often discussed inbetween volleyball matches. It is a sport that is very dear to our hearts and it was great to see the South Aussie boys playing in the Olympics and doing so well!!!