Wow how time flies. I really wish I had more time to write, but at the moment work and the kids are consuming all my energy. I love it of course, certainly not complaining. However recently my girls have become interested in Mummy’s writing. Mmmmm does this give me more time to write??? Well no, but it does mean more stories are being churned out in a very short time frame. So for my big girl we have recently written:

Magic the Meerkat.

Every morning Magic the Meerkat would climb the tallest tree, to look out on the world, as far as she could see.

One morning before the sun came up, Magic the Meerkat was a very naughty pup.

She dug her way under the fence, and ran off into the grass, so long, green and dense.

Soon Magic heard some noisy chattering. So she ran off to see who was nattering.

This was pretty cool. She gave me all the animals for MAgic to visit and of course named MAgic. I then put it all together. My girl used her photos and colouring skills to illustrate it and we made it into a great picture book. Right now we are working on another animal picture book:

Michi Goes to the Sea Lion Olympics.

Will post some of that later.

With My little girl it is a little bit easier. We have made a picture book about Monkeys – which she wrote completly, its like one of her readers (she is just over 3 and a half). This all about what Monkeys like. Her colouring was quite spectacular, the best rainbow monkeys I have ever seen. We are currently putting together a book about all the things she can do at gymnastics. Her next book will be about Lexi the Sea Lion.

Its so much fun writing with the girls and they love to take their books to school / child care. I am actually thinking about putting the stories toegther into their own book of short stories. SO you never know next year I may publish the first instalements of Maddy’s Magical Moments and Aijay’s Amazing Adventures!

Sounds like a good plan.

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