Now for the final instalment. After our amazing day at Taronga Zoo we headed to the Sydney Aquarium, home to lots of fishy creatures and some really huge Lego models.

 Had to laugh, my daughter who took great pains to tell us at every given opportunity that she’s scared of the sharks had one painted on her face!!! I have no hope!

We walked through each area and loved the underwater tunnel. some really big sharks and rays in there! Goofy even got to steer the boat!

The kids did a treasure hunt, which was good fun, although at times even we needed some assistance. Thankfully the staff were more than willing to subtly help us parents, who couldn’t find things!

 The girls were fascinated by the lego models. It’s something they have only just got interested in playing with, so to see models that were bigger than them was great. Overall a great morning at the Aquarium. Kids had fun, we had fun and it was definitely worth the visit.

That’s it from Goofy went to Sydney, will blog about other things soon, may even put up Goofy goes to Perth from a few years ago. Another Author interview coming up soon, so stay tuned!