Taronga Park Zoo – just a short Ferry ride from Darling Harbour. The zoo where the giraffes have mulit million dollar views!

There is so much to see at this zoo, although you could just go for the views! Anyway we went to the sea lion show – the girls loved Michi the big Californian Sea lion. He was very cool, talked a lot – in an american accent of course and jumped out of the water to spin and touch a ball. Goofy was not too impressed with the Leopard Seal:

That’s what you get when you don’t pay your way!!!

We also saw elephants, komodo dragons, one massive gorilla, bears, snakes, tigers, lions and one beautiful little platypus! Not something even us Aussies get to see very often. The kids (big and little) all had a fantastic day. Our bags were filled with more stuffed toys, but Goofy will still hold his place as the mascot of our holidays!

Keep posted for the next instalment of Goofy goes to Sydney!