Wow, I made it and posted everyday. I also got my reports written on time and today wrapped up work for two weeks! Big WooooHoooo, that means it’s holiday time. More about that in a minute. Now the serious stuff. I have made a commitment over the last month to blog everyday and at times it has been very difficult, but I now know I can do it. From here on I won’t be positing everyday, think you would all get bored of me pretty quickly, unless you actually want to see 365 photos of labradors – cause that I could do comfortably! However I will post more frequently than before – well it’s not that difficult to post more often than never – HA!. Not sure that was serious, but anyway you will be hearing from me again and more often!

Now for the holiday bit, can’t wait. Taking the husband and kids away to Sydney for a few days. No work, no school, no dogs! Well okay I will miss the dogs, but they will have a nice holiday too. You may have noticed I don’t post pictures of my kids. Last time we went on a holiday I solved this by taking a Goofy toy along and taking photos of him everywhere – much to the amusement of my children! So watch out for Goofy Goes to Sydney!!!

Until then keep writing and have fun!!!