What is/will be the subject of your next book?

My next book is called “The Homework Goblin” it is a beginner chapter book, not even remotely about a labradro. although there is a dog! Here is the introduction:

“Finished, at last” Jason puffed as he shut his folder and put his pencil away. He’d been putting it off all week. It was the hardest homework yet.  Finally Jason’s story had an ending, it was complete and for the first time this year it would be handed in on time. Looking at the clock on the wall Jason yelped with excitement.

“Still time to kick the footy before dinner” he said to himself.

He grabbed the ball and went to charge down the stairs, only to be stopped by his annoying older sister Lisa.

“So did you finish your homework or can we expect another phone call from Mr. Lovett?” she questioned with a strange gleam in her eye. Lisa just loved to see her little brother in trouble.

“It’s done! Get out of my way” said Jason

“Well, I just hope you put it away safely in your bag. I’d hate to see the homework goblin steal all that hard work” laughed Lisa as she pushed her way past and gracefully walked up the stairs.

Jason turned to watch her go. She stopped outside his room and looked at the homework sitting on the desk. Then she turned and ran her finger across her throat.

I am currently editing and have a very talented friend doing some illustration. Hopefully it will be ready for the publisher in the next few months. I would love to have my third book out early next year!