Tug star – future companion hero

Today, as I am at work I thought I’d share a bit more about my amazing job.

I’d like to introduce you all to our future companion star – Tug (above). He’s Stitch’s brother and is going to make a world of difference to a family soon. He loves to play with kids, is great at shopping (even if you go to a butcher). Tug is cute, cuddly and absolutely perfect!

The students we work with get a great sense of satisfaction and self confidence from teaching their dogs to open doors, press alarms, anchor and lots more. Today I have some videos for you. The first is of my old boy – Obi opening the door.


This can be very handy when you have your arms full of shopping bags. Just remember to never attach a rope to the fridge or pantry door! Just a side note here, when we first got our puppy Stitch, Obi thought it was his job to train him. So he was very helpful. Obi trained Stitch to nudge open the pantry and collect him a biscuit out of the box. Stitch would then give the biscuit to Obi and go back for one himself! Too smart, much to Obi’s disgust I put an end to that one. However Stitch’s strange actions does not end there. The next video is one of Stitch playing fetch. He chases the ball, but instead of giving me the ball he copies and kicks it back to me! Soccer star in the making!


Hope you had fun checking out my videos, there are a few others online at my YouTube channel, have a laugh and enjoy.