Describe the market for your book – to the tiniest detail (e.g., childless divorced women past age 50 who want to remarry). Why that demographic? How do you connect with them to market to them?

I write children’s novels, generally for boys and girls aged 9-14. However many of the parents have enjoyed my books too. I have had comments that reading Ghostnapped reminded them of the camping trips they used to go on when they were young. Obi, well I can extend the demographic to anyone who has had or loved a dog. There are so many crazy things in that book that all dog lovers can relate to. My next two books are for a slightly different age group.

The Homework Goblin

My next book is a beginner’s chapter book. It is called the Homework Goblin. I originally wrote this book for an assignment and am now waiting for a very talented friend to add some illustrations. It is about Jason, who is very proud to have finished a homework assignment on time for once. Only to discover the Homework Goblin has stolen it.  Jason goes on a dream like adventure to find his homework and discover the identity of the Homework Goblin.

It’s What You Do Next that Counts

My husband laughed at me when I did my first edit – I made the comment “It was like reading a real book.” He just looked at me and asked “What does that mean?” My reply was “Like it was written by a real author!” It might sound funny, but it’s exactly how I felt. I must admit with each of my books I have felt that to some degree when I have re read them. So maybe I am a real author???

This book is aimed at slightly older children, 13 -16 year olds. It would appeal to both girls and boys. It is the story of a year in a young girl’s life, where her whole world is thrown upside-down. Following the death of her parents she makes the big move from Vancouver to Perth and starts a whole new adventure. New family, school, friends, sports and of course the differences between Canada and Australia. Boys will love the sports, volleyball and cricket and the girls will love the relationships that develop between the characters.

I still have a long way to go, but I am really looking forward to getting this one finished.


Why do I write for children? Because I’m a big kid too. I think you only grow up if you want to, when you read, you can be as young as you feel.  I am hoping to connect with my readers through social media. Let’s face it most young people today spend their free time on the computer, so hopefully my books will pop up on their screens. Then they can turn off the computer and read a book!