I love to write! Creating a story for people to read and enjoy, that’s what I love to do. However the not so fun part of my job has been creating a curriculum based on dog training. Well that’s not entirely true, creating the theory has been fun and will always be fun, because I can do so in whatever why I want. The important thing is to keep the students engaged, while they are learning. It’s a challenge, but one I enjoy. The par that is not so much fun is creating curriculum documents! In fact it can be mind numbingly boring. It is a necessary evil though, much like writing reports. I know I should do it, but as this time rolls around each year I find myself returning to my favourite author – Roald Dahl and his glorious book Matilda. He discusses teachers getting their revenge:

“If I were I teacher I would cook up some real scorchers for the children of doting parents. “Your son Maximillian”, I would write, “is a total wash-out. I hope you have a family business you can push him into when he leaves school because he sure as heck won’t get a job anywhere else.”

And so on! Of course now my reports are a little different because even with our toughest students there is a light. It’s all due to our amazing dogs, so I can actually tell the truth and be nice about it. As a side I will also soon receive my daughter’s first school report – wonder if it will read like one written by Roald Dahl?

Ha, only time will tell, speaking of time, I have procrastinated long enough, so hi ho, hi ho it’s a report writing I go!