Okay, so just for a change I thought I’d move away from blogging about writing and share one of my other obsessions – Birthday Cakes! When I was growing up my birthday was always during report time. Both my parents were teachers and making me a birthday cake was not really high on the list of prioities. Once I was old enough I started making my own. I turned 13 on friday the 13th, so a ghost and a witch were made. I decided when I had my girls that no matter how busy I was I would make them a cake – what ever they wished!!!

To start with it was easy:

 Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck for my girl’s first birthdays – before they could put in their orders.

It didn’t take long for them to cotton on and start their demands. I have made Elmo, Cookie Monster, Little Miss Chatterbox, Scooby – Doo  and a Princess Cake. No they order their cake at the other’s birthday – which at least gives me six months to plan. I even had to make a labrador cake for Stitch’s first birthday (for the kids to eat!)

 I had to make cartoon Stitch and more recently Snow White and the Seven Smurfs on a Pirate Ship!!! My next adventure will be the little Mermaid! I’d love to say it’s fun, but it’s actually very frustrating! However the end result is very happy kids on their speical days – All worth the effort!

So have a laugh at my cakes and enjoy something sweet for your friday funnies!!!