Describe your process for choosing and designing your book cover. Who created your cover? How did you find him/her? What do you love about your cover? What might you do differently next time?

My publisher has provided a cover artist for the covers of both my books. Ghostnapped was completely done by them. I filled out a form, explaining what I would like to see on the cover and then they got to work. When I first received the email with the cover I took a while to open it. I know everyone says you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but everyone does. Although this may change a bit with e-books. Anyway back to Ghostnapped. I did eventually open the file and my eyes went straight to my name, there on the front of a book. It took a while to actually believe what I was seeing. I liked the cover, but I really wanted to know what my target audience would think. So I printed a copy and showed it to some of the kids I work with – they use my married name, so didn’t know it was my book. I simply asked if they would pick it up and most said yes.

For my second book I really wanted to show off Obi’s beautiful face. I used a photo that a friend (Ian Myers) had taken on a camping trip. Obi was actually sitting on my lap – yes he is actually a laprador!!! It was just of his face and he had the best expression! I asked Ian if I could use the photo and quickly sent it in to the publisher along with all the other photos in the book. Once again they did the artwork. This time I opened the email straight away and was completely in love with it. It just stood out brilliantly, I still love seeing Obi’s beautiful face and the great colours surrounding him. Which is why I used that photo for my timeline on my face book page. Although it would have been very difficult for anyone to get it wrong with Obi on the cover I think they did a fantastic job.


My third book will be fun, I am working on a young children’s novel and am having a friend do some illustrations. I’m sure she will come up with something fantastic that they can work into a front cover. I am looking forward to going through this process once again.