If your book is fiction, how could you change it to make it a nonfiction book? If your book is nonfiction, what could you do to turn it into a story? Hollywood has done it (What to expect When You’re Expecting; He’s Just Not That Into You), so how could you do the same thing?

My books are very much fiction; however there is an element of fact in both! For Ghostnapped, it is all about the location. We have been camping at Rapid Bay many times, so the camp site, beach, and old mine are very much real. It is also an area where the endangered Leafy Sea Dragon can still be found, although in small numbers. I used the area to create a fiction ghost story that essentially could explain why the Leafy Sea Dragon is endangered. It was great to let my imagination run wild around a place I love.

My Obi story is a little bit different. Obi is real, so there is also the element of fact in my fiction story. I love reading books about dogs, but find it strange how they are often given human abilities. Obi does dog things for human reasons. He is different (in real life too!), that is what makes him special. I know lots of people who have Labradors and other dogs; they have read my book and laughed because their dog does similar things – like dig in their water bowl. To write this book I just put myself in Obi’s world, I am certain he thinks he is a super hero.

The book I am currently editing is similar to Ghostnapped, in that the locations are very real, but the story is fiction. For me the fact in the fiction is what makes the books engaging. So if it works for Hollywood, then surely it should work for me. Alternatively what works for me could work in Hollywood – I’m sure Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist would make a great kids movie and I already have the start right in my backyard!!!