My first published book “Ghostnapped” was originally written on a camping trip at Rapid bay.  A friend and I went for a long walk over the beach, down to the old jetty and then finally up to the cave. We talked story ideas the whole way. That night we sat down and wrote. We came up with completely different stories, mine was for children and hers was more for teenagers. However Ghostnapped has developed a lot since that camping trip. I sat down and did some research of the area and discovered the old limestone mine and also about the local environment. I was particularly excited when I discovered it was a habitat of the leafy sea dragon, an animal that has always fascinated me. It gave me the best idea for my monster.

I must also give credit to a friend for the name of the dog – Thuds. They had a labradoodle called Thuds and I just fell in love with the name. It was just absolutely perfect for a Labrador, so I just had to use it.

I am very proud of my first book and particularly enjoy the fact that to people who have been to Rapid Bay they can recognise it from my description. I also love the fact that the kids who have read it have told me that it is scary, but good scary. It’s nice to know I have written something that kids and adults enjoy and can’t put down.

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