How do the things you read impact your writing? What do you love to read? What do you avoid reading at all costs? How would your writing change if you read more of the things you typically avoid?

I love to read lots of different styles. I enjoy reading picture books to my girls, they have their favourites!!! My eldest got introduced to Pamela Allen last year and still loves all of her books. My youngest, well she has fallen in love with “The Lamington Man”! So that gets a hammering. They both love books that rhyme, so we have lots of those. My girls are also starting to enjoy me reading children’s novels out loud. Which brings me back to my childhood. They loved Fantastic Mr Fox and The Twits – Roald Dahl (my personal fav!!!). They of course love me reading from my second book: Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist  – because they are in it!!! They have both ordered a sequel so am trying to get that done!

Personally I still enjoy reading children’s novels. I do this so I can find new and fantastic books for my girls, but also to inspire and perfect my own writing. I will happily read anything with action and adventure. I enjoyed The Hunger Games Series, and love the whole Tomorrow When the World Began series as well. Obviously the Harry Potter series were amazing.

Non kids books??? Well I do read them; personally I have recently been reading Tony Park and Jodi Picoult. I have found their books engaging for completely different reasons. I will try any book recommended to me, but am not afraid to quit if I am not interested. I need books that keep moving.

What do I avoid? Anything that doesn’t seem to go somewhere, things with really long chapters and lots of wordy descriptions. If I find it boring, then I just put it aside.

I try to read a variety and think this will help me to develop as a writer. However more than anything I read because I enjoy reading. I remember when I was a teacher doing professional development in literacy. They kept wanting us as teachers to ask “Why the author used that word?” or “What do you think the author was thinking?” I hated sitting through the analysis of an author’s motives for writing. It just seemed to me to take away the pure enjoyment of reading. Everything was made to be structured. Every word was analyzed. While I’m not going to have a go at the teaching method and I could see what they were trying to do, to me it was just really dull. I look at reading the same way I look at writing. I simply do it to escape, to have fun and to share that fun.

So more than happy to read any style of book that has lots of action – any suggestions (kids or otherwise)?