Many people ask me how I find the time to write. the answer – I don’t!!! Okay that’s not entirely true, but sometimes it is how it feels. I am a mother of two highly active girls, which means we have swimming, gymnsatics, homework, story time, school, kindy, visits to the park, walks, playdates and so much more to fit into our weekly schedule. I also work part time – although some times I do almost full time hours. I am lucky to have the flexibility to get this time back during the school holidays, which works out great for the kids. I have two very spoilt labradors, who at least come to work with me so that reduces the time of walking them on those days. I also try to get to the gym three times a week, play volleyball once a week and exercise for at least half an hour on the days I don’t get to the gym….. Wooooo can I breath yet?

Not to mention that my husband and I do actually like to spend some time together and to catch uo with friends. Of course there is also the boring stuff, cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. It all happens, my house is normally in a state of semi organised chaos, but everyone is in clean clothes and healthy, so I don’t go for perfection.

Nights are my saving grace. One thing I have always been strict on with the girls is bed time. They know when it is time for bed and shut down pretty quickly, so they should, neither have been great day sleepers! I prefer them to get the 12 hours at night, so it has worked out well. Once their heads hit the pillows that’s my time. Time to exercise (if I haven’t got there during the day), time to finish off my work, time to read and of course time to write. When the ideas are flowing those few hours are enough.

I must confess though I often have stories or parts of stories buzzing in my head while I am at work, or with the kids. So I have lots of note books, and usually my computer. This means I can get the ideas down when I need. I have lots of half written ideas, characters and plots. One day I may actully find the time to get them is some readable format. until then I will continue with my hectic, but enjoyable life and simply write when I find the time!