I thought I’d start with a little bit about me. First of all my name is not actually Ashley Howland, well not anymore. Howland is my maiden name, but I chose to keep it for my writing because of my mum. Elizabeth – Ann Howland always wanted to have her writing published. She was a great English teacher, who had a passion for literature. Mum wrote journals and sent a few off to publishers here in Australia, without much luck. I tried the same path, but after a few rejections decided to start surfing the net. Eventually I discovered Strategic book group and my first novel “Ghostnapped!” was accepted. So I decided to keep my maiden name and dedicate my book to my mum.

Unfortunately Mum never got to read my book, so I will never know if she would have liked it. She passed away from Breast Cancer in 2004. So I have never been able to share my biggest successes in life, my kids, my new job and of course my writing. While I’ll never know what she thought, I am sure she would be proud and have enjoyed the process of getting my book into print. I am very glad that I decided to keep my maiden name, in a way I can dedicate all of my books to her dream. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to work on her journals and have a duel book in print.

I am really looking forward to posting each day and reading the blogs of other authors. Should be a lot of fun!