It’s no secret to all you mum’s out there that our biggest, most challenging job is being mum. Everyone says enjoy it while they’re young and for the most part you do. However it’s also very difficult. You have to be a taxi service, portable diary, have endless money, time and patience, not to mention a good watch. From the time you get up in the morning to the time your weary head finally hits the pillow all you do is watch the clock. Time for breackfast, get the kids ready for school / kindy / child care etc, time to leave so you get ther just in time to get a park and not to early to get the glares from the teachers. Then all day, when do you have to pick them up – is it long enough to get to the shops, get the little one to gymnastics or music or dance, or whatever. Can you get a healthy meal prepared in time to heat up when you all get home, is the house sort of clean? Then before you know it it’s time to pick them up. Off to sports practice you go, trying to fit in their homework before dinner. On top of this most of us work, have pets, family commitments and there’s always another birthday party to go to. So is it any wonder we get sick of hearing people say “just take time out for yourself”, much easier said than done. First you have to be able to fit it into your day, second when you do take time out to go to the gym or shop or just be home by yourself, there’s always someone who tries to make you feel guilty or who thinks they can do it better.

Likewise professionsals always seem to assume you are doing a bad job. I just had a dentist lecture me about cleaning my kids teeth, instead of supervising them while they did it themselves. I nodded and said yes, but of course when the teeth were finally checked they were perfect. No hey sorry you’re doing a really good job.

Worse than professionals is family. It doesn’t matter if it’s your parents or his, they always have an opinion and are never afraid to voice it in public. You shouldn’t send your kids to childcare – mmm well we have to eat, so if I manage to make more than I spend then yeah, I will work. You’re too hard on them, she’s only 5…etc. Wow do they remember when they were parents??? Well in my case probably not I was brought up by teachers who spent more time on their students than looking after me. I was left on the side of roads after sport, had to make my own arrangements with friends to get there in the first place, had to make my own birthday cakes because my birthday was always near report writing time… It’s not that I didn’t feel loved, its just that looking back now as a parent there are so many thing I wouldn’t do to my kids that I refuse to acknowledge being told how to bring up my kids. Even if I have to point it out to them.

Ye,s my girls go to child care, after school care and the creche so I can go to the gym, but they also have me drop and pick them up – on time, make their birthday cakes, that they order 6months in advance to give me time to perfect them, go to the zoo every holidays, take time out to go to the park, I do my work late at night so I can do homeowrk with them and take them to sports. So, yeah it’s difficult being mum and I do yell, I’m not perfect, but I will not be made to feel gulity about taking time out for myself or being hard on my kids. It’s all worth it and I know that I am doing the best job I can. Likewise my husband makes sure he can be at swimming on the weekend, take the girls places and even just spen time jumping on the trampoline with them.

So now that I have vented it’s time to prepare dinner before picking up my eldest and spending another hour in a gym, entertaining the little one while the big one does her gymnastice. I wouldn’t change it for the world – just the people who make it harder!!!

Have a great day out there all you mums!