Wow it’s been too long, really need to get this going more often. So what’s been happening:
1. Obi the super puppy and the mystery of the red mist has made it past 100 copie
2. Ghostnapped past 700, woohoo
3. Labs ‘n Life has two new staff members and lots of great things in the pipeline.
4. I am currently attempting to edit two more books, painfully slow at the moment.
5. Obi and stitch are glad to be back at work.
6. Writing obi number two, which introduces rigger, stitch and a hisyof other characters
7. Attempting to market books, not my area of specialty.
8. Startef a ten week weight challenge, so trying to eat well and keep my exercise going.

Life is pretty full, but i’d have it no other way. Will attempt to update more often, have some cool labby stories to share.

Blogging again soon!